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  • 1 November 2019
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working in O365.

I have a Product Request List that I pull information into from another list.  On the Form I have a Calculated Value that pulls in the Image of the product from the other list.  


lookup("Event Materials List", "Product Title",ProductTitle, "Item Images")


But the calculated Value is just the Pictures URL and not the picture itself.  I don't see a way to put the IMAGE Control in the Form and have it look at that URL.  Does anyone have any Idea?

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2 replies

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The closest (but not good enough) idea is to use a Form Rule where you set the Source URL of an Image control. The limitation is the URL current can only be a static value.
I suggest submitting a User Voice suggestion to enhance the "Source URL" value field in a Form Rule to support the blue "insert" tab so that Form variables can be used.
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Hi All if you are not sure what I can do to fix,  Can you please go to the User voice and vote to have this added. 

Thank you for your help.