I need to stop rounding up automatically when doing a calculation

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Hi all,


I am really new to Nintex - only a few weeks now. I have a simple form that requires me to calculate a figure.

The formula is simply ({Control1}/100) * {Control2} * {Control3}.

My problem is that I need to place the result into a 1 decimal precision result field and not round up.

An example below:

(68/100) * 1.006 * 27803 = 19019.5 on the form, but I need it to ignore the last few decimal places (19019.47624) and have a figure of 19019.4.


Any help would be appreciated.





Best answer by scynerp 18 May 2016, 18:30

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All sorted now.

Used maths to work it out..

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Paul Scyner​ Do you mind sharing your solution?

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No problems at all Patrick.

Current calculation works out as: (68/100) * 1.006 * 27803 = 19019.47624 (which rounds up to 19019.5)

To fix rounding up I simply take off 0.05 - new formula below:

     ( (68/100) * 1.006 * 27803) - 0.05 = 19019.42624 which now rounds to 19019.4.

This will cover all equations even if the value originally works out to 19019.40. It will reduce it to 19019.35 which rounds up to 19019.4 - my much needed answer!!

Hope that explains it.