How to set up a validation rule for a List Lookup dropdown

  • 31 May 2023
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I have a List Lookup dropdown on my form that is required. I have set the following validation rule on the field:


Why is it the system allows users to click Save and Submit and it allows it.  The rules doesn’t seem to fire.  When I used Edge’s F12 Developer Console I see the following errors:

Not sure why the rule isn’t working!!  Any ideas???


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3 replies

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The formula you are using is valid for a lookup dropdown and should work.
What type of form are you using? Classic or Responsive? (Formula cant be used on new responsive)
Does this happen for every form with a lookup dropdown with validation or just this form?

Does validation work on other controls on this form?

If this is a classic form, is there any custom JavaScript included?

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Hi @dperani 

Have you resolved this issue? 

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Turn out I had to delete and recreate the list lookup fields and the validation rules worked this time.  Not sure why?!?!.  All the settings were the same. :)