How to remove spaces in item url?

  • 14 December 2015
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My client is using O365 Nintex workflow and due to spaces in item url, items url isn't all hyperlink. This is inconvenient to end users as the hyperlinks isn't working.

I found solution to remove spaces in url with regular experssion, but how to do that in O365?


Please help!


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10 replies

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Where is your URL not working at?  Are you using it inside a send email action? 

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URL is working if it would only be a full lenght hyperlink. It works like this in email  --- in this example underlining is showing how far hyperlink is. So if link would work but it isn't clickable. What can cause this? Those %20 or something else?

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Yes the %20 doesn't help.  When formatting your links, you can grab the URL and replace it inside the body of the email so that should help.  If you are pulling the link in natively from the workflow, then it shouldn't cut it off since the entire variable would be considered the hyperlink.

Can you share a screenshot of the link in question within the designer.  That way I can best guide you where its applicable to what you are trying to solve.

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Is this what you wanted to see? -sari-

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Thanks for sharing that. Based on the screenshot, your URL shouldn't break.  I have also seen where people have put <{Workflow Context: Current item URL}> to ensure it stays whole.  So try using the less than and greater than to see if that helps prevent the breaks.

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Hi Eric, those <> didn't work, URL still brokes

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Found a solution: I made a link with Current item Url and it works now perfectly.

It seems that url braking in notification is quite common.

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Hello Sari,

Just for my understanding I have an issue with using the - Current Item URL- option in Nintex email and it breaks as follows:

example below:

https://[mycompanydomain]/sites/sitename_etc/Lists/Factory Documents/DispForm.aspx?ID=123

How can I resolve this ?

Your help is appreciated


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Hi Jaap, I inserted a link from editor ribbon and adding Current Item Url and with that it url did not break.

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Thanks Sari that's helpful, a simple thing easily to oversee.