How to Reassign a Task if a Participant is out of office

  • 19 March 2022
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In O365, how have you handled the situation where a task is sent to a person who is out of the office (due to illness, vacation, left the company, etc.).  This is different than Delegate (which isn't available in O365 anyway).  This is a case where the task cannot be forwarded because the person that received the task is out of the office.  I am aware of the Escalate feature, but that won't work if the task needs immediate attention. 


Perhaps this would have to be be an administrative task, which is OK.  I'd like to hear how everyone else has worked around this situation.


Thank you.


2 replies

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Maybe I am missing something, but can't you just open the task and assign it to someone else? They will not get the e-mail notifying them of the task, but you could manually send them the link when you update it.