How to query if value exists

  • 15 July 2018
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Hi all,


I have a list of employees and two of the columns used are "Location" and "Initials". On my Nintex form, I want to add employees to my list, which is straightforward. However, at any location, two employees cannot use the same initials. If they are in different locations, same initials is ok. How would I use the Query function to accomplish this?


Essentially, if a new employee working in Location A chooses initials YZ, I have to verify that no one else in Location A is assigned those initials. If an employee in Location B has initials YZ, that is ok. The idea is to not allow the form to commit to the list until this check returns true (i.e. initials are not in use)


I hope I'm explaining this adequately. happy.png Our administration governance does not allow for the use of custom javascript on our site, so I'm hoping I can do this with forms and workflows only.


Thanks so much!!

1 reply

Hi Sean,

   I have a similar task.  Were you able to figure this out? 

Thank you,