How to bind unbound data to the list

  • 29 April 2019
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I have a form with both bound and unbound data in it. I want to take some of these unbound fields on the form and bind them to a column, bringing the data from the unbound state into the column. What's the best way to do this? I've started down the path of querying the XML from NFForm, but run into a "XML source cannot be empty" error when I hit a record with no data in the unbound section.
Suggestions would be appreciated.


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2 replies

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If you are wanting to do a one-to-one match, then you can go to the form, select the configuration for that control you want to now bind, and then connect it to a column in the list.


If you want to group a set of controls into one list field, you may have to do a calculated control to combine the data and then connect that control to the column in SharePoint. Either way to get data from the form into the list, the control has to be connected. 


This will only work for future forms filled out. To get to data collected in an existing form that was filled out before then, you would have to query the forms XML to get to the data held in those controls. This would need to be done via a workflow querying the XML on the form for pre-existing forms.

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Thats what I was afraid of.  Thanks for confirming.