How to archive data on Nintex forms that is connected to a SharePoint list

  • 9 January 2019
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I have created a Nintex form that is connected to a SharePoint list, part of the data resides on the form not on the sharepoint list, How can I archive the data on the Nintex form?



3 replies

You're going to need to go into more detail regarding your definition of 'archive'. 

However, to give you some generic information, data that is located on a form and not in individual dedicated fields can be found in a built-in item property called FormData. It holds the entire form in XML. Without connecting individual controls to specific list fields, this is how you can access that data.

Hi Chad,

Thanks for your reply, I meant by archive, is to get all the information resides on the Nintex form to be usable and accessible outside the Nintex form. i.e.access the data in both the sharepoint list and the Nintex form for other reporting purposes. Be able to use the data without the need to used Nintex forms.

Regarding the XML file, where can I find it? I accessed the sharepoint list and can’t find the XML file.



Maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let me first ask, why is there data on the form that's not being populated into list fields? It sounds like you need the data in the list so, the most logical solution would be to add the columns and connect the controls.