How do I connect a SP column to a Nintex Cloud Task Form?

  • 21 February 2023
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I’m new-ish to Nintex in general, but having to learn some things over again in Nintex Cloud. I’ve created a list in SharePoint and connected it to the Nintex Cloud workflow; however, when I go to create a Task Form and connect fields within the Task Form to the SharePoint columns/fields, there is no where to connect. 

In old Nintex workflows, the task form had a connection field: 


But, in Nintex Cloud, I’m not seeing it:


Maybe I’m just missing something simple, but can anyone help? 

2 replies

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In order to save the content of the Text - Long control in the task form to a SharePoint online column, you would need to use the “SharePoint Online - Update items” action in your workflow.

Here’s a link to the documentation on the “SharePoint Online - Update items” action: SharePoint Online - Update items

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@bamaeric I’ve added this step to the workflow, but still unsure how to pass text from the comment field on the task form into the item in the SharePoint list. I’ve looked everywhere for documentation, videos, etc. on this topic and have found nothing with examples. 

Using a ‘Text - Long’ field on the task form and need whatever text is put into this field to populate back into the appropriate item in SharePoint. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!