How can I use the create list item or copy list item with a variable?

Hey there! Im stumped maybe someone has an idea.....


I want to use the Nintex feature for creating a new list item to a list but use a variable to define the list. I could have as many as 36 options so a conditional statement wont work here. Is there a way to do this?


The office 365 create list item doesn't work like I want it to. here The Nintex version is more what I am looking for it just doesn't let you create the item to a variable. (at least that I can tell) 




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@HowYouDoin You would need to use the Office 365 create an item action or you could also look to use Nintex Workflow Cloud as the create an item action can handle variables as well. What issue are you having with the Office 365 create an item action?

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Ive tried the office 365 and get a permissions error creating the list entry. I have even had our office 365 admin publish the flow and enter an item, He  gets the same error. 

Im sure its a setting but have not found it. 

The create item works without permissions error. 

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I can't really comment without a bit more detail, the issue could be connector config, list permissions, or just site feature 'workflow can use app permissions' is active

If you could send a couple screenshots with connection config/permissions

error screenshot and M365 action config



Thanks for your help here. Screen shots of the error and workflow message are below. Odd part here is the person the submitted my test is our enterprise office 365 admin, so permissions shouldn't matter as I understand them 



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@HowYouDoin As you are getting an error I would suggest contacting our support team to help you troubleshoot the issue, without more details on the configuration it's a hard to confirm what may be causing the NoResponse error.

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Thank you