Get updated Current User whenever form is opened in edit mode

  • 28 October 2019
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I am using New responsive Designer, I have multiple fields and rules in the form.


I want to make sure the rules work according to person who is editing the form For this purpose, I want the "Current user" field to be refreshed/updated whenever the form is opened in Edit mode by the user.


Right now, it picks the 1st user and doesn't change after submitting it. When the other user opens the form to edit, it still shows the old user name. I have not connected this field with SharePoint List field, means it is not saving.


Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.





4 replies

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Probably need a calculated value control for this which unfortunately is not available according to the limitations post
(linked below). In other incarnations of the Calaculated value control you could tell it in what modes you wanted it to refresh and I expect this will be the case when it is introduced to the new responsive designer.


Hi @SimonMuntz ,


Thank you for your response. I will see some workaround then, hoping this feature will be available soon.


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Hi @AhmedK,

Did you find a workaround for this? If so, please could you share it?

I have a situation where if the current user matches the person in a "Manager" people picker control, I want to enable some other controls. Obviously, this doesn't work if the current user didn't create the item because the code is looking at the original current user.



Hi @Mark_U ,


I tackled it differently, I created a field "Current User" which will be populated when the form is initated. I wanted it to be updated in the Edit mode but that did not work. 

I introduced a check box in the form which says: Please confirm, if the form is reviewed and ready for submission.

I have placed a rule: When the user ticks the check box, the "Current User" field will be updated with the current user. If the "Current User" is not same as the "Administrator", the form will not be submitted.

Hope this will help, let me know if you have any question.

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