External User can't access nintex task form O365

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I have an external user who has been given access to a form list and a task list. I've placed the link to the task form in the email coming out of the task. However when the external user clicks on the link a sharepoint form opens rather than the nintex form. 


I've heard that this might be a licensing problem. I need to make comments mandatory on a reject, so I don't want to use lazy approval. 


Is there a solution to external users getting access to Nintex task forms?


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Are you sure that internal users are still getting the custom task form?

I only ask because I have published two workflows on publish, ALL of the custom nintex task forms associated with Start a Task Process have been removed! This is all for 'internal' users. I am very concerned at the moment and have raised with support. Note that this issue only started when the workflow was re-published...prior to making changes the custom task forms were all good. Now when I open one of the task actions and look for the form I am presented with the Classic vs Responsive option, indicating there is no form association.

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I've just created a test workflow with a new task form going to internal user from workflow. The task form looks fine. My issue seems to be only associated with external users. 

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The issue with this ended up being the browser. I was using Safari from an apple device.