Error opening a workflow. File Not Found.

  • 3 February 2020
  • 4 replies

Error opening a workflow. File Not Found.

4 replies

Hi ERefat,

Could you give us a little bit more detail about this issue? Is it a workflow that is already published, are you importing a workflow .. ?

Got Same issue and it is a published Workflow. Had saved it and tried to open again, then I got the same error message.


I had made changes to the Workflow and saved it, closed it. Then when I tried to open it again, it gave the below error. The Workflow has been published before. I don't have a backup and there are around 73 actions in it. Really need help on this.

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See the attached PDF for instructions on how to try fix this error.

Note that this is a last resort method.  Attempt at your own risk.