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I am trying to create a form that allows a user to raise and issue an action. I am using a repeating section to try and achieve this. The Verification (1st part) is a repeating section. I have a second repeating section embedded in this and hidden until a user selects the action button.


Things seem to work ok until I try to parse the XML in Nintex Workflow, then I run into issues..


I have followed the article posted by Vadim Tabakman here



But this only covers a repeating section and not an embedded one.


I'm having issues with the XML itself and the WF keeps setting to suspended with the following error.


"XML content is invalid. Unexpected XML declaration. the XML declaration must be the first node in the document, and no white space characters are allowed to appear before it. Line 1, position 342"


I have set the flow to email me the txt variable so I can see any problems but this does not seem to help.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><RepeaterData><Version /><Items><Item><ActivityValue type="System.String">Subject A</ActivityValue><FindingResultValue type="System.String">Assign Action</FindingResultValue><FindingValue type="System.String">DSFSDFDSFS</FindingValue><_x0036_625058e-8ac8-4826-8cb3-191ad354e955 type="System.String">&&<RepeaterData&>&&<Items&>&<Item&>&#1&</ActionFindingCode&>&DFSDFDSFDFSD&</Request&>&&</Assignedto&>&SFDFDFSDFSD&</ActionedComments&>&&</Link&>&Action Complete&</ActionStatus&>&</Item&>&</Items&>&</RepeaterData&></_x0036_625058e-8ac8-4826-8cb3-191ad354e955></Item></Items></RepeaterData>


I have now rebuit the flow several times but it seems to be a constant issye with the Embedded Section.


Im pretty noobish when it comes to workflow and this is driving me nuts. Can anyone help or point me in the direction of some good articles.


Home someone can point me out some help.




Dave Stuart

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The main problem I am seeing is with parsing the XML on the data in the embedded repeating section. For instance. Parsing corrects the 1st Repeating section. But the embedded data (2nd part below) does not pick up the corrections.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><RepeaterData><Version /><Items><Item><ActivityValue type="System.String">Subject A</ActivityValue><FindingResultValue type="System.String">Assign Action</FindingResultValue><FindingValue type="System.String">gfgfg</FindingValue>

<_x0036_625058e-8ac8-4826-8cb3-191ad354e955 type="System.String">&&<RepeaterData&>&&<Items&>&<Item&>&#1&</ActionFindingCode&>&fgfgf&</Request&>&45;#i:0#.f|membership|???????????????&</Assignedto&>&fdfsf&</ActionedComments&>&&</Link&>&Action Complete&</ActionStatus&>&</Item&>&</Items&>&</RepeaterData&></_x0036_625058e-8ac8-4826-8cb3-191ad354e955></Item></Items></RepeaterData>

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You are right. I experienced this issue sometime back and had to find a workaround. The solution was not pretty. The nested repeating sections are not parsed correctly with a single function. I used Build String and then replaced each of the tags which i did not want in the repeating section. The solution was not pretty and was prone to errors but i had to do some through testing. hope that helps.

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Can you help me please I try to make your solution ^^




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How did you use build string within the parsing wf to correct this?