Disable Edit option after form is submitted

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Is it possible to disable or hide the “Edit” option when you click to go into the form after a user submits?

I want to make sure no one is able to edit the form after it has been submitted. If there is any other way to handle it please share!





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Hi @jpacheco 

You can’t disable the edit option.


One workaround is to use a validation rule. 
Once a form has been summited, set a SPO field to a specific value. IsSubmitted field equal “YES” - this can be set using a workflow.

Set the validation rule to check whether the value of the IsSubmitted field equals to “YES”. 
This field should be made read-only or hidden. 

While users can edit the form they will not be able to submit the form. 


Here is a video showing the Form Validation


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Are you using the Responsive or Classic designer?

Here’s an interesting blog post that might help you hide the edit option in the Responsive designer in O365:


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Hi @jpacheco 

Did these help you resolve your question?

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Unfortunately no. I am not using classic designer in order to get the Edit or Submit button to hide…I’m using the responsive form that's located within Nintex Forms for O365.

Is this even a possibility or???



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Hi @jpacheco 


There are a number of options you can use but they can changed based on the level of control you need. 


To help give you the best solution can you please explain the user story around not being able to edit the form post submission? Is there a reason for this and what are the next steps? is there a workflow involved and or are there some people who can edit and some that cannot. 


A quick solution would be below. 


Apply a rule to the save/submit buttons as follows, this wont stop them opening the edit form but should stop them from making any saves.