Customs CSS not working in Internet Explorer and image not working - Responsive Form

Hi All,
I 'm workng on a Nintex form (SharePoint) and after adding a custom css it all works and looks great in Chrome and Firefox
But not in Internet Explorer.


Below is the example of the css thats not work

.nf-wordwrap{ background-color:#eee !important;border-radius:5px !important;padding:8px !important;font-size: 18px !important;} 


Below is the way i'm adding an image

<img alt="" height="62" src="" width="135" />

But doesn't show up in Intrernet Explorer


Thanks in Advance


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Can someone from support at Nintex help with this?.
With the image not showing in Internet Explorer..When i inspect the html. 
The src attribute is empty which is the link to th image :(

<img width="135" height="62" alt="Boy" src="">
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If you would like Nintex support to investigate an issue please email them at or open a case through the customer portal


Please be advised that Nintex has no control over how browsers interpret standard code.

A lot of web sites are now not supporting IE.

Thanks Simon for the request

Will log a request but after some detailed investigation i can confirm it works depending on the IE version.