Create List Items from a Repeating Section with Nintex Workflow

I have request where I need to figure to how to take a repeating section in a form in SharePoint and create a new item within that same list for every addition in the repeating section.


For example, If I add 3 Hotels to a repeating section and submit, those 3 Hotels values should automatically break out from the parent item into their own, separate items. These need to break out within the same list as the parent item.


I would like to note that I did not develop this particular form and workflow. It's pretty complicated already so I'm hesitant to have this added. I need to know which actions/controls to use to make it easier on our developer. 


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These resources might be helpful for what you're trying to do:


How To: Extracting XML Data from a Repeating Section – Jesse McHargue


How to get repeating section data from XML using Nintex for SharePoint QueryXML Action - YouTube


Thank you, the developer  has tried this out and is having some trouble with it. Every attempt creates too many items. How can we get Nintex to actually count each addition to the repeating section and create only that number of list items?