create list item setting Lookup Field (the sequel)

  • 12 October 2017
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I know this question gets asked a fair amount but I wondered if there is standard work around to get this to work in these exciting post Ignite times...

The issue is I have a Parent List A  and a child list. A.  When the user indicates they want to an item copy/move an item from Parent List A to Parent List B;  this done but all any child list items are created in Child list B.  All the edit forms are InfoPath this meant more than one developer was able to build out the solution. 

Firstly, the copy Parent List A item -> Parent List B item is fairly easy.   My  intention was to trigger a workflow on Create to set a fancy ID and check some other fields. The only annoying thing is I can't trigger a workflow (Edit/Create action) on Parent List B  so I have to use the Start Workflow Action  with the ID obtained in the above Create Item ..  ( think overkill 😢 ).

Now setting the Create Item for each item copied over to Child list B. I want to ensure I set my lookup column to the correct newly created Parent List Item B.

The lookup column looks like this - the Title is a lot more user friendly than the ID of course

For reference, I set the drop down on the lookup column when a user manually creates a Child List B Item like this

Anyway, all the work is down in the Parent List A workflow which uses a For Each loop with Create Item Action in List B, per each item being coped across. The lookup column is shown below.

The Risk Title expects an 'Integer' and I I have tried everything such as setting the ID in the title but I simply can't Set the Lookup list field correctly .

My last resort is get the Child List B Workflow to set it's own child Lookup list value as it knows it's parent list ID but man this seems like hard work!  ;-(

Is the a simpler way ( other than Nintex Forms!)

1 reply

Damn it ! I got this to work on one final attempt  - both the ID and title are pulled across ... Oh well just the trigger workflow issue to go,