Copying lookup fields between lists

  • 22 March 2019
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I have a SharePoint list with a Nintex form attached to it, and a couple of the columns in that list are lookup fields which allow multiple values. The user can fill out the form, select one or more items, and that all saves to the list with no problems.


However, when a workflow runs that takes some values from the form and applies them as metadata to a file in a SharePoint document library, I get problems. The other types of fields (text, people, even managed metadata) copy across without difficulty, but the lookup field causes it to get stuck.


When I go to the workflow details, it says it's retrying the last action and I see the following message:

An unexpected 'PrimitiveValue' node was found when reading from the JSON reader. A 'StartObject' node was expected.


All I'm trying to do is copy the values from one field to an identical field. The list and library lookup columns are both looking at the same list as their source.

2 replies

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So I attempted this to test it out and the multi-choice fields aren't offered using the "create list item" or "update list item" action.


If you had a document and used the copy document, it should move the document from one library to another along with its metadata. 


Can you share a screenshot of your workflow? I'm not following what you're seeing.

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I'm using the Office 365 upload document action (among other steps) to copy an attachment from a list into a document library. I populate the Title field in this action but not the other fields and the step gives me the document's ID as a variable. I then use the Update List Item action with this ID to set the content type and metadata fields of the document based on what was in the initial Nintex form.


I can take the values from the other field types and apply them to the corresponding metadata fields on the document, but not the multi-choice lookups. I can see the field names under List Item Properties, but I can't get the values to copy from the list/form to the library.