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  • 8 June 2023
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Simple list:

Field 1

Field 2

Field 3

Is there a way to have a button on a form that works like the existing “submit” button but then after saving that record, creates an entirely new item in the list already populated with Field 1 and Field 2 from the previous record and form opens to allow you to enter your value for Field 3 ??


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5 replies

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Hi @MikeBrunson1 

Im not sure if this is a possible solution, but it may work in your scenario:

1. Build a url link to your new form with parameters for your 2 fields in a variable:

I put the parameters at the end of the link. I've also removed the client ID and Web GUID from my link. Note some form controls will not work during runtime (like the multiple lines of text control) so you may need to transfer that value into a variable.

2. In the fields you want populated in you new form, set a default value using the getQueryStringParameter function with the parameter name you created in step 1

3. Finally, on your submit button, select the redirect url option and insert the url varaible created in the first step

Note, this does not create new item in SharePoint, once the new form opens, it will populate the fields with the parameter data, only once the user submits the form, it will create a new item and will re-open a new form.

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@Prineel_V3 …. thank you --- I’m not smart enough to follow your instructions but this gives me hope that it can be done….but I will use this as best i can.  

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I have it working BUT, is there a way to add another submit button ?  I need one that accomplishes the task and one that would simply take me  back to a blank entry form ?

So one button would be “Next Unit”  and the other would be “Enter Additional Item”

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You can’t add an other button on a new responsive form.

But, to archive your goal, you can simply add a Yes/No control (connected to a SharePoint Yes/No field).

And Add a workflow (with a conditional start, start only when you yes/no field is equals to Yes) that execute :

  • create you new item
  • Update your yes/no value of your previus item to “No”
  • Send an Email to you user who create the copy item (with the link of your new item and ask him to update the field 3 value)




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@nico ...thanks….that’s actually what I wound up doing.  It works, the additional button would really make it better (1 click instead of 2) but  this does get the job done.