• 29 July 2021
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I'm looking for a way to copy all the data of a form into a new form within the same list. An example would be somebody filling out a form but needing to input almost all the same information as a previously saved form. They could maybe open the originally saved similar form and essentially Save As to create a new form, change what needs changed, and save it as a new form in the same list.


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This can be done with a workflow. 

In your workflow you can use the action "Copy an item", this action copy an item (with all his value) in an other list.


For exemple you can : 

- On your forms, and a yes/no control/SharePoint Field (with label : "Make a copy" for exemple)

- Create new workflow (on item creation for exemple), with a conditional start : If Make a copy = Yes, launch the workflow

- This workflow will use "copy an item"

- Reset your value of "Make a copy" to No


If you copy your item in an other list, don't forget to import your Nintex Forms