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I have a form and a list. The list has 250 items, submitted over the past 2 years. For each of these items, there are two fields in the associated form which contain data (single line text), but are not connected to list columns. The customer would now like to see that form data in the list. What would be an efficient and safe way to transfer this form data to list columns, for all 250 items?


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@rthomson You would need a workflow that will query the NFFormData column xml for each item then update the columns where you would like it stored. There is a blog here( about parsing repeating section but would help with parsing variables in form data.

Thanks Leigh. I've done a bunch of NFFormData xml parsing before, so I can cover that piece - what would be the best approach, workflow-wise? Like, to loop through all the items? I've only built workflows which run on a single item when that item is created. Thanks.

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@rthomson The workflow will have a query list to query all the items and then use a loop against that collection to go through and update each items. You could set it up as a site workflow or just create the workflow and manually trigger from the list.

Awesome - thanks Leigh!