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  • 13 February 2019
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I want to copy a document from a library folder to a library without a folder without adding code.

Is this possible.   We are running SharePoint in Office 365  


Best answer by Wsklein 14 February 2019, 15:20

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6 replies

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You should be able to run a workflow on the originating document that would copy the document to the source destination. This can be achieved by using the "Copy Document" workflow action. Just configure the destination source to point to the library you want to move the file to.


Also see the attached example workflow which you can import and use. Download the file and change the extension from .zip to .nwp and then import.

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This does not work.  you have to move the the document out of the folder.  before the workflow runs  

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thanks.  After I saw the attached workflow I saw my error.  It was so small an item and i did not realize that was the issue.  



Can you send me a copy of this workflow. My import is giving me errors even after changing the extension to .nwf
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I have it working.
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Which action have u used in Nintex?
Copy item/ copy Sharepoint /send …