controls doesn't save records when inside Panel(that is hidden). But controls are enabled and Visibl

  • 26 March 2020
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My form is a Respossive Form

Don't know if this is possbile but this is my scenario below :-

I have a lookup list as a dropdown in my form.
I have some fields that are being propopulated based on the lookup list..this fields are inside a Panel

When a user selects a field in the lookupfield i used the lookupfield function to get fields back from the loookup list and pre populates the textbox fields - this works perfetly


The Panel is supposed to be hidden based on the group a user belongs to - and this works perfectly

The propulate field at this stage are all visibile and enabled as normal.



When a user who doesn't have admin access and the PANEL is hidden and they submit the form the values of the propopulated fields(using the lookup list) don't save to the list - I guess this is because the PANEL is hidden but the fields in it are enabled and Visible.

Question: - Is there a way around it to be able to save records when a panel is hiddent but the cobtrols inside it are maked as visible and enabled?


Thanks in Advance


1 reply

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Store the data in Form Variables and connect them to the list instead.
The data is hidden which suits your requirement and can be saved back to the list.