Connect a form variable to a column in "New Responsive" o365 designer

  • 31 January 2020
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In the New Responsive designer in o365 is it possible to connect a variable to a column? If not how can I write the output of a userProfileLookup, based on a people control on the form, to a column e.g.

The form has a control called:

[People Field 1]

User profile lookup gets the Department property of that people field:

userProfileLookup([Form].[People Field 1],"Department")

I want to write that value to a column and I can't appear to do that with a variable or a label.


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1 reply

Just seen Euan's video which deals with this. The short answer is I need to create a rule.


  • Create a variable called varUserDept as follows:

userProfileLookup([Form].[People Field 1],"Department")

  • I have a control on my form called UserDept

  • Then create a rule:

If [People Field 1] does not equal [blank]

Then [UserDept] value [varUserOffice]

Else [UserDept] value [blank]