"Causes validation" on a button control - when doesn't it trigger validations?

  • 15 February 2018
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I have a question about the "causes validation" setting on button controls. When doesn't it cause validation? 

Currently I have a button control with the following settings: 

And I have a rule set on a certain field that is should not be empty when a certain status is "Open", example:

When I leave the field blank and press my "save as draft" button with setting "Causes validation = no" the field is still validated:

Am I approaching this the wrong way and did I misunderstand the functionality of the "causes validation" setting? I am using responsive forms on O365.




5 replies

I'm also encountering same issue. any Nintex techie please support on this issue.

Appreciate your prompt reply

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I have just encountered this same issue. My parent list field is OPTIONAL but I have put a validation rule on the field. I have added a SAVE ONLY button and set [Causes validation] to NO. The form still asks for data on in the field where I have validation. Looks like another Nintex function that does not work!!!#

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On the item form, "Save" is the same as "Save and submit". They are only different on task forms. If you do not want to submit, you have to connect you button to a SharePoint field and specify a start conditional in your workflow, based on this field.

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Allan that does not really provide any solution as the validation needs to occur BEFORE the form is submitted. With Nintex OnPrem you can put Client Click = {Return True} on the SAVE button and you can saved without validation. It looks like yet one more of the many bugs with Nintex Forms Online!!!

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Only way I found not to validate components is to use a "Save and continue" and close the form :/
That way the validation is not done.