Can't return Manager using Office 365 Query User Profile

I have looked through the forum, but I'm not finding an answer to my question/problem.  I am trying to get a user's manager, and I am receiving this message:  The username format is invalid.  I have granted access to the workflow in Settings > General.  I'm sure this is something simple, but I becoming frustrated.  I am attaching screenshots of the query setup and the messages I am receiving.

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@shomenick This may indicate the account being used doesn't have the permissions required, you will need a basic auth type connection with full permissions( If you are still having issues I would suggest reaching out to the support team(

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Is this issue occurs in a particular site collection only? Have you tried this workflow in a different site collection?

Also try again granting permissions to workflow to access user profile, I think it needs to be done by the "Global admin" account, sometime back I tried with SP Admin account, it did not work, but worked after trying with "Global Admin" account.

I am running the workflow with an account that is an O365 global admin. I used the recommended Authentication Method per the link you provided. I've sent an email to Nintex Support.
I tried granting the permission again, but no luck. Hopefully Nintex support can get me around this issue.