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  • 13 September 2018
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Hi, I'm using Nintex for O365. I've got a problem with calculated values not displaying on new forms. It was working a short while ago (not sure of exact date). Can anyone help? Looks like there was a similar problem in 2017 which turned out to be a bug.


8 replies

You just have to specify 'Yes' on view mode

Hi Allan, thanks for replying, I've already done that so i'm still stuck. I think maybe the field that the value depends upon isn't picking up the default value, so it might be a different problem to what I originally thought.

Hi Alice, I am experiencing the exact same thing. I have several calculated values on my form - calculating values in repeating sections to a sum - which was working fine, until I made another change on my form - now none of them works and I can't seem to get them to work in any way

I also think you shouldn't have marked it as answered....

Hi Thomas, I am not quite sure how this got marked as answered as I don't think I did so. I've unmarked it.

Hi Alice

I got mine to work - only after a support session with Nintex though - and I learned that if there is a formula somewhere on your form that has errors (hidden, of course), all formula might stop working. I mostly have hide-formula rules in my form, and quickly removing all rules made the calculations work. Now I just need to go through all my rules to figure out which one (or ones) are causing the error. (sigh!)

Hopefully, this might help you solve your issue.

Oh, yeah, that's right, if you have any error in a formula, the form does not work anymore. I was just supposing everything was ok
In fact this is not all formulas that stop working, only the ones following the wrong one.

Thanks Allan, that is useful to know. I think in this case the form had become corrupted. I have had to start again from scratch (due to another problem) and the computed values seem fine now. (I couldn't roll back to a previous version unfortunately).

Oh and thank you Thomas too!