Assigning a Task to a SharePoint permission group - Members don't get emails

  • 5 March 2020
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Firstly, I have to state that I am pretty new to Nintex Workflow so sorry if this is such a basic question. I have searched by the precise question I am asking is not showing, and any other responses are 4 years old.


I have a workflow that has multiple (linear) approvals moving through different groups... Each group has an associated Site Permission group with the various members.


In the "Assign a task" action, it's configured to assign to the permission group (with lazy approval on) and it creates the task correctly however none of the members receive the notification that a task has been assigned to their group. It works fine if the names are specified individually.


Am I doing something stupid (wouldn't be the first time!)



4 replies

Just, I want to make sure that you allready, assigning tasks to Sharepoint groups not AD security group

Definately a SharePoint group and not an AAD group

ommm I think there is an option to send individual to recepiant in the Sharepoint group

Create individual tasks for all group members

In the case where a group is assigned the task and Create individual tasks for all group members checkbox

you might find this url usefull

The link provided refers to a "Flexi Task" ... I don't have that, I just has "Assign a task" and the information on that link is completely different ... I am using "Nintex Workflow for Office 365"