Adding a link to the Current Item in Email Body

  • 27 August 2020
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This seems like it should be a very simple thing to accomplish, if not the simplest, however I have spent at least an hour trying to get it working to no prevail. I am aware this has been raised previously but none of the suggested solutions are working for me.


I've created a simple workflow that runs when an item is created in a list. I added a step to Send an Email. In the email body editor I click the "Insert Link" tool (the chain icon) and put my cursor in the URL box which appears. I use the Advanced Lookup to select Workflow Context, Current Item URL. I click insert but the insert is performed to the Email Body, not into the URL Box. If I execute this workflow the URL is included in the Email Body, but due to the space in the list name (which is required by design) the URL is cut short at the space. I'd also like to include some link text such as "Click here to view this item", not present the user with the long URL. I tried enclosing the URL in quotes, and manually enclosing it in a tag, ie <a href="{Workflow Context:Current item URL}‍">Click here to view this item</a> tag but this isn't being rendered correctly in Outlook.


I tried cutting and pasting what appears in the Email Body - "{Workflow Context:Current item URL}‍" - into the URL box manually and enter some text for the Hyperlink Text. I click Insert and the link is added to the email body. Upon receipt of the Email the URL is not correct, it literally has the text including the curly braces, ie it is not resolved to the current item's URL.

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