A potentially dangerous Request.Form value



I am creating a section in a form enabling user to request quote for item(s). Each item is a row in a repeating section and has several optional fields and an image for this item (stored in another library).


Now I searched this forum and managed to have the form display the image using Calculated value control as per below image:

and it works like charm, as user only uploads the image to the library and enters its name in ImageName text box control. 

If only one item in the repeating section is submitted, everything works fine; but the issue occurs when the user enters several rows in the repeating section, we the below error:


Mostly this related to HTML decoding the tags of the image calculated value, considering the code as dangerouse when 2 more rows are submitted.

Any idea about this issue and a workaround?


Thank you


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Are any of the controls in the repeating section connected to list columns?

No, none of the controls is connected to list column; I am will to later to connect the repeating section control itself to a column text field in order to re-use some of its data.