Unsure use of Branch by Conditions in NAC

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I am trying to figure out how to input multiple conditions into a “Branch by Condition” control..

I have the following but not sure how to go about adding the “OR” portion. Is this possible or how would one go about it?



Thanks in advance!

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I don't think that's possible unfortunately. You'd have to think OOB with stages maybe, run if and/or maybe a parallel action to mix with a few branch by conditions.

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First question for you is about the logic because it seems that all you’re evaluating in the example above is whether the monthly lease payment is <= 25k because the second operand is checking for monthly payments that are less than or greater than 36 months.  


Anyway, using the example above, I’d use two run if actions combined with a branch by condition and to set an OR in branch by condition, you change the toggle above to any.


The first run if is checking if the lease payment is <=25k and if the monthly payment is < 36 months.  If it is, set a boolean variable to true.


The second run if is checking if the least payment is <=25k and if the monthly payment is >= 36 months.  If it is, set a boolean variable to true.


Then you can use your branch by condition to do a check whether the first or second boolean variable is true.



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@Chris_Ben ,


Hi! Ok, so is the variable (below) collecting/holding what is in the “Run if”? And then the “Branch by condition” will be based what equals “Yes”? So, if “variable = Yes” then it would direct in the route of Yes?

I’m still a bit confused…. sorry!



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  1. Create two boolean variables that are defaulted as NO.
  2. Create two run if actions that will have a set a variable value action in each run if action. You will set each boolean variable to YES in the run if action if the conditions are met. It won’t change it to YES if it’s not met (whatever you configured on the run if action) - which as a result the boolean variable would remain with a value of NO.   


  3. Create a branch by condition action that checks if either Boolean variables you set is listed as YES.
  4. Add subsequent actions to each branch as needed.
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@brandiwoodson ,


Hi! Thanks for your response! I will definitely give this a go and see what comes of it and will let you know!


Thanks again!