unique form id with date

  • 30 January 2023
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Hello every one 

I want to add a textfield into form when form is loading a unique form id garneted in this format  “dd-mm-yy-form no”  

Can anyone guide 

3 replies

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Not sure if this helps, but you can create a variable and use it in a label:

Takes the current date and converts it to any format you need

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thank you  for suggestion

but I am using nintex k2 5.5 

and from where I can gernate unique form id

currently I am using random  expression for textbox control but some times it repeats 

can you please give way around for nintex k2 5.5 and which version you are talking ?

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Hi @FarhanHabib,

I would recommend moving this post to the Automation -on Prem forum (this is the k2 5 forum) for better assistance. As far as I'm aware, the random expression wont return unique values so it is possible that it will return duplicates. Assuming you are saving the data in a smartobject of sorts, you can retrieve the value from the smartobject and if it already exists, re-generate the form ID or reload the page or even just show an error message