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  • 8 November 2022
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I'd like to ask if anyone knows about this approval feature for Nintex task emails. My org was previously using Nintex 365 and are migrating to NWC. Using N365, when task emails were emailed to staff for approval requests, the emails themselves would have this section at the top of the email which allows one button approval or rejection:



However this feature seems to be missing from the top of emails NWC task emails.

Would anyone know how to reinstate this feature in NWC task emails (or if it's not a NWC feature, please advise)?

4 replies

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I don't think this is a feature in NWC (I think its more of a SharePoint feature), even to get task comments in NWC, you will need to use a task form. You can use express approvals whereby the user can just reply to the email with the desired outcome (e.g. Approved).
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@DamienT Thanks for your feedback.  I'm curious to know what's your experience after your click on Approve.  Does a reply email open, with a subject line and the word Approve in the email body and you click Send? or else?

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@DamienT A colleague was able to demo this capability, known as "Email as Actionable Message" in O365.  No need for you to respond on my earlier ask.  Thanks again for your feedback and we will add this to our backlog for consideration.  Here is also an interim and alternative solution to help reduce time in replying to a task.

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Thanks Sasan. It's probably the largest impact to QOL during the migration as we're going from single click approvals back to URL's and web browsers. 

Thanks for that alternative solution, will definitely look into it.