Microsoft Exchange Online - Send an Email: Message Body Window

  • 25 October 2023
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We would prefer to use the Microsoft Exchange Online - Send an Email action in our NAC workflows vs the NAC - Send an Email action, because the NAC emails are getting flagged with a “Caution: this email originated from outside of the organization.” warning, and we can’t turn that off.

The Message Body window in the NAC email action has a rich text menu though, whereas the MS email action does not. How are hyperlinks and formatting to be added to the MS email message body - does the whole body have to be written out as HTML first? 


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Hi, you can choose the message body format, either TEXT or HTML, if you choose HTML you have to add html tags for formatting, e.g.

<strong>This is BOLD</strong>


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Hi @rthomson 


I like to make my email bodies in the nintex email designer then just open the HTML view, copy that and paste it into either a build a string or directly into the MS email action.






@Jake - ah: that is a good solution - thank you!