How to use data from uploaded file via start event form.

  • 6 November 2023
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Hi All

I have a problem, I can't figure out how can I start collecting data from the file that will be uploaded to the workflow on the start event  form.

4 replies

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Hi @fbartosz ,

can you perhaps elaborate a bit, like what type of file and what data you want to collect. 

Attachments are usually unstructured, documents, images etc. which makes it somewhat challenging to extract “data”.


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Hi @fbartosz 

File uploads from the Start Event Form have very limited property which you can access.
There is only the blob data (the contents of the file) and the filename, both of which is read-only


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Hi guys thank you for the quick response,  I wish to upload a file either XLSM or CSV then I will store it on Share point and I will need to use all the information from the table to create other documents. Ideally, I wish to use other information from that file like all the People's names for approval etc. but if that would not be possible I could always try to include that in the starting form. as a drop-down. I learned in Nintex University how I could use that data if that would be included on the starting form but I can't find any info on what I would need to do with this uploaded file to allow me to use data from the file. 
The middle section could include many rows so it would be like repeating data. 


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Hi @fbartosz 

You should be able to use the Microsoft Excel connector to access the content of Excel file.
Refer to Excel connector