Get Task Approver and Task Approval Date

  • 9 August 2023
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I am trying to convert an O365 workflow to NAC. The O365 workflow has multiple tasks, and for each completed task the name of the approver and approval date are written back to the SP list which initiates the workflow. This is done is by giving each task a unique name - e.g. “Director Approval Task - ID*List Item ID*”, and when a task is completed, the task approver is captured by querying the task list for the Modified By field of the task with the unique name (all tasks are first responder, so there’s only ever one completed task with a unique name), and the date is just the date the update list action is executed (because it happens right after task completion).

How do I replicate this in NAC - i.e. on task completion, locate that specific completed task, so that I can grab the approver name and approval date?


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Hi @rthomson,

For a task form you will first need to create a dateTime variable and insert the dateNow() function.

On the task form add a Label control to display the date.

In the workflow variables you will now have a variable group with the task name.
In that group you can find the responder and the date that was captured by the task form when it was submitted.



Excellent - thank you @SimonMuntz!

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Hi @rthomson ,

Can you provide any info on why you are storing this info into a list? Is it an auditing requirement, do you need to show this info anywhere, etc? Feel free to msg me directly as I’m doing some research (I’m a PM @ Nintex) for some new capabilities so keen to understand your scenario further and how we may be able to solve it other ways.. 

Cheers, Rick

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Does anyone know how to capture the approval date and time when a user approves/rejects via lazy/express approval in NAC?


Thank you.

@kevpat2023 - you can just grab “Current date and time” from Variables/ Context in an action right after task approval or rejection. 

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@rthomson thank you. I think I tried that. I don’t think it works for express approval. Will give it a try again. Thank you.

@kevpat2023 - it doesn’t matter what type of approval it is: after approval the next step for the workflow will be to go down e.g. the approve or reject path, so if you capture “Current date and time” at the start of each path, you’ll effectively be capturing the time the task was approved or rejected.

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@rthomson , thank you that worked. Appreciate your help.