Form permissions and multiple choice fields

  • 18 December 2023
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New features

  • Tables – integrated data storage to streamline workflow automation: Introducing the Beta release of Nintex Automation Cloud Tables, providing a centralized, scalable way to store, manage, and connect process-related data across business-critical applications. This new Nintex data storage capability reduces application complexity, improves reliability, and accelerates time to market for application developers building end-user workflow applications on the Nintex platform. For more information, see this blog postvideo and the Tables help topic.

  • Start form permissions: After publishing a workflow, designers can control access to start forms based on the user or user groups defined in Nintex Automation Cloud. This way, only authorized users will have access to the start form, which will be visible in their My Nintex and Mobile App. For more information, see the Form access help topic.

  • Choice – Multiple form control

    • Participants can now add a custom option to their response.

    • Designers can now enable the option to add range validation. This will enable them to control the number of options a user can select.

    • Designers now have the option to filter out duplicate options.

    For more information, see the Choice – Multiple help topic.


Let’s discuss some of these new features real quick - which I should say are a game changer!


Start form permissions: 

  • Need ability to use groups in Azure Active Directory for tenants that use SSO AD.
  • Need ability to allow business owners to assign form permissions just the same, not just workflow owners. Typically, the “business” or the “customer” is the one that would own this activity - not a designer, developer or global admin.

Multiple choice form control:

  • The range validation and new “filter out duplicate options” feature are not available to single choice field. These two actions almost go hand in hand. Whatever feature(s) is made available to one, should also be applied to the other and vice versa, when possible.

Is any of the missing functionality, listed above, on the roadmap to be implemented?

6 replies

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Hi @SeeDee @akshaysud,

Are you able to shed some light on these questions?

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@SeeDee @akshaysud Any updates on this? I still don’t see “filter out duplicate options” available in single choice yet and we have been patiently waiting for this for 2 years now since we began migrating - Nintex Workflow for Office 365 offered it. Thanks!

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Hi @brandiwoodson,

A little birdie told me that the filter-out duplicates option for the Choice Single control should be in the next release.

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Hi @brandiwoodson,

A little birdie told me that the filter-out duplicates option for the Choice Single control should be in the next release.



Hi @brandiwoodson ,

Thank you so much for your patience. We are aiming to release the option to filter out duplicates for the Choice Single control in the upcoming release. 




Hi @brandiwoodson ,


Choice Single control can now filter out duplicates. For more information, please refer to the help content.