Exporting Workflows from Nintex Automation Cloud

  • 10 June 2024
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Is there a way to export a workflow from NAC so it can be imported into Nintex O365?

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Hi Matthew,


No you can’t export from NAC to workflow for o365 and even if that was possible, I’d recommend against it as workflow for o365 uses the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 workflow engine which will be retired by Microsoft on 1 April 2026.  Please see this Nintex update for more info on that topic.


NAC is fully integrated into o365 so that’s the app that I’d recommend using to create your workflows.  Assuming you’ve downloaded the latest app from the Microsoft app store, when you hit the workflow button from a SP list/library, it actually opens NAC in the background.


As a matter of interest, what prompted your question?