Webhook implementation in K2 Five

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is there anybody who successfully implements webhooks (third-party callbacks) in K2 Five?

If so, could you please briefly outline the solution?

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I have the same need now, does K2 five support Webhook implementation?


I have the same need now, does K2 five support Webhook implementation?

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Could you provide some additional details to as what systems are involved, what you mean by webhooks or what business case you are trying to solve?

In K2, you can create SmartObjects that can connect to and post data to other systems.

Or from other systems, you can call into K2 and send data to K2 to start a workflow, in which turn can execute the predefined actions in your workflow, which could be sending data to other systems.

Or if a workflow is active, you can use Wait for External System option which acts like a webhook also.

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On the business case, we are integrating a payment system , the user will crate a virtual account on the application form , and use is expected to make a payment externally to the virtual account created either immediately still on at their convenience, however we are required to use a webhook to get the response of the payment once the user sends the money to the virtual account so we can proceed with validation on the form, user doesn't need to click any button to confirm the payment had been completed, the system should just automatically get the response form the webhook.

Also note that we are expected to provide the webhook url from our environment to be used to configure where the API will send the response back to the k2 environment one user make a payment to the virtual account . 


Hope this helps. 

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From an external system, you can call into K2 to start a workflow using REST:


Or execute a SmartObject using odata:


A workflow can also wait for an external system’s update: