Using transfer data with list view data

  • 24 November 2022
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Hi, I would like to ask is that any way that I can transfer all the data from the list view to a rich text box? I could successfully transfer the latest row but not the entire list view row.





After pressing the Click button


Thank you.

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One possible implementation is to add another data label 'details concatenated' for example, then add a rule that:

when the {Details Rich Text} is changed

transfer data to {details concatenated} with settings '{Details Rich Text}; {details concatenated}'

then you can use the {details concatenated} at the end, where its values may look like:

testing of testing2; testing3 of testing4, testing 5 or testing6

Or if this is SQL service instance, perhaps a stored procedure can do the aggregation for you and return the desired string.

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I would recommend that you do a "for each item" loop when the button is clicked and, for each iteration, do a data transfer that concatenates the current iteration value with the rich text box value. let me know if that makes any sense at all, I can elaborate further if not.

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@tbyrne777 can you elaborate on this. I’ve tried some version of this, and I don’t think I’m using the right rule or syntax to concatenate the current iteration value with the text box value.

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I will try to elaborate - so when the buttons is clicked, add a “For Each Item in a List View” condition. Underneath that condition, put a data transfer. Within that data transfer, you would drag into your text control first the value that is currently in the text control and then the value from the current context of your loop. The context of your loop will be on the right hand side of the data transfer screen and look like a SmartObject (a green square). In my attached screenshot, the list is called “Comments” and I’m concatenating the Comment text into a Comment Data Label. Please let me know if this helps.