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  • 29 November 2018
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If I make changes to a workflow and deploy essentially version 2. What will happen to all the open processes that were created under version 1? Will they continue to work just like they always have? 


In my first version, groups of people got tasks assigned. In v2, the submitter selects recipients from a drop-down list.

Also, in v1, there was 1 less step. The task would go to a direct supervisor, then to a group manager. V2 has another recipient between the direct supervisor and the group manager. 

2 replies

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Hi evandberry,


Existing instances will continue to use version 1. Please see the following link.


Apologies for cut-and-paste here:


Under Considerations when setting the Default version of a workflow

* Existing workflow instances will not be migrated/changed/updated as a result of changing the Default version of a

workflow, it only affects new instances of the workflow started after the change is applied.



Excellent. Thank you for the information