Task redirection by the originator when absent recipient has not set out of office

  • 28 March 2019
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As new users of the K2 platform I am still learning best practice in building workflows, however current feedback for our deployed processes is overwhelmingly positive!


One issue I have is that if a task recipient is absent and has not set an out of office (reasonably common place), I would like to give the originator the choice to redirect the task to a recipient with appropriate authority.


At present, if the recipient hasn't actioned the task within 1 hour, the originator receives an email to remind them that the authorisation task has not been actioned, which is merely a prompt to check with the recipient.


There may be a valid reason that the step takes longer than an hour (due to urgency or workload etc.) so it's not simply  a case of routing the task back to the originator after a period of time. 


One solution seems to be that the originator is copied into the task but this routes the task to both recipient and originator and seems a bit scrappy.


Is there a way that I can provide a link for the originator to redirect the task in the reminder email?





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2 replies

Hello Phil,


You could consider setting up the Reminder rule to redirect the task for you to another user (including the originator if so configured).  This can be set to happen after certain period of time or prior to a configured task deadline.  This is the most straight forward out of the box option that can be built in to the workflow.

Documentation for Reminders


Users with Admin access to K2 management are able to configure out of office on behalf of users as well under the Users heading.


Hope that helps!




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