Single row updation in editable list view

  • 17 April 2020
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I am having a editable list view where 3 columns are there.2 read only and one is editable. It retrieves the data as per id. If for a perticular id,one row is retrieved and if I have to update the one column in single row ,its not updating While if 3 rows are retrieved,then the updation is done properly.

 example: for id =30

code   version  stat


7877      1           

7879      2

7800      3


for id=40

code  version stat

7801      1         


Here for id =30, I am able to update rows as if I add value for stat in one row and if I select  next row,the value gets updated 

but for id=40,if I change value of stat and as there is no other row to click on , if I click outside also value didnt get update.Only after pressing Enter key then the value getting updated.

Please help me in this regard.

Rule  attached.



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2 replies

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What you are seeing is expected. You may consider providing a uniform experience regardless of the number of rows in the editable list view by committing the changes on a button click (eg. Save button). Based on your rule, you are already updating the fields as soon as the list item is changed.
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Thank you for the response! I have added Update button and now its  working properly also for single row .