Package Deployment in Distributed environment

  • 4 October 2022
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Hello -

I'm trying to confirm something - when taking a package (from a DEV/TEST environment) and migrating it into a distributed PROD environment using the K2 Package and Deployment tool, do I need to deploy the package to each node in the prod environment (2 servers - both pointing to the same production mssql server)?

I can't find anything in the online docs.

I thought I simply needed to install the package on the 1st node and that's it. However, I had a case today that makes me wonder if this is the wrong approach.





1 reply

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the K2 package (.kspx) file can be deployed on a single node since all the OOTB artefacts are stored in the DB. no need to deploy it on other nodes. 


if you require assistance with the case you're experiencing, please describe it here and we will be happy to assist.