Need list of all workflow in environment with latest k2 Version

  • 13 March 2024
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Hello All, 


Kindly help me with how I can pull the list of all workflow in my production environment with latest version deployed .

Also I need information which version(K2 4.6 to K2 FIVE) of K2 the respective workflow was created ?

This is urgent request . Any lead will highly appreciated .


Thank You,

Ruchi Agarwal

4 replies

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  1. You can try using the following SmartObjects in the following category to see if it has the data you are looking for:

System > Management > Workflows > SmartObjects > Process

System > Management > Workflows > SmartObjects > Process Set

  1. You can try the following SQL query against the K2 database:

    [Version] = [P].[Ver],
    [Type] = CASE ISNULL([PV].[Name], [LPV].[Name])
        WHEN 'ProcessView' THEN 'Thick Client'
        WHEN 'WebView' THEN 'Silverlight Designer'
        WHEN 'ShapesView' THEN 'HTML5 Designer'
        ELSE ISNULL([PV].[Name], [LPV].[Name])
    [Server].[ProcSet] AS [PS]
    [Server].[Proc] AS [P]
    ON [P].[ID] = [PS].[ProcVerID]
    [Server].[ProcView] AS [PV]
    ON [PV].[ProcID] = [P].[ID]
    AND [PV].[Default] = 1
    [ServerLog].[ProcView] AS [LPV]
    ON [LPV].[ProcID] = [P].[ID]
    AND [LPV].[Default] = 1


We won’t be able to really tell on which version a workflow was created in, but a 'HTML5 Designer' can only be created after your environment was upgraded to a K2 Five.

Support for 'Silverlight Designer' stopped in K2 5.5, so it would have been created pre-5.5.

'Thick Client' or K2 Studio/K2 for Visual Studio can be created from K2 4.6 to current K2 version as it has not been removed yet.

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Hi @ruchiPan 
Did this help solve your question? 

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Hello @TinTex, Thank you so much for the response .


From your query I can get the HTML 5 which is k2 five WF but I'm not able to figure out for 4.6 WF . 


Could you please help me on this .


Thank You,

Ruchi Agarwal

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Unfortunately, as Silverlight workflow can be created up to version 5.5 and Thick Client workflow can still be created up to the latest version, there isn’t really a way to tell if they were in fact created while your servers was on 4.6 or after it was upgraded to 5.5.


You can try looking at the date for the deployed version to see when they were deployed.


Silverlight and Thick Client workflow are ‘legacy’ and HMTL5 workflow are the newest type of workflow.