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Please support, if there's any way to copy/migration the roles/users from K2 Server to another ?!




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Perhaps, you can use the Package Deployment to help with K2 role creation. I'm assumed that you make use a lot of K2 roles in the environment. However, adding users to K2 roles is still done manually. I would make a suggestion to https://ideas.k2.com/ to bring to the attention to the developers for a chance to see in a future release. 


Environment A (Source)

1. Create a generic workflow with Task event/step.

2. Add K2 roles as the destination.

3. Publish the workflow and create a K2 package from it. The package will automatically add K2 roles under Addtional Items (Uncategorized).


Environment B (Target)

4. Deploy the package from step 3 to environment B and confirm the K2 roles are created via Management site.

5. Add users to the deployed K2 role from step 4.


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this has been submited to Idea portal,