Issue with Package Deployment Tool

HI all,

I have a farm with K2 Platform Classic 5.4 FP14...I created an application based on Sharepoint and it’s working fine...The scope of this application is to have a master to clone for other Sharepoint sites….

Now i have to this, but P&D everytime fails with “Missing required Sharepoint related Item”…

I creted and imported the site template from the naster site but the error is still there….

Someone can help me??


Best regards

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Please check it out

Hi Yudi2…

I already check this link...I have the issue only with APP created for SharePoint...I have others apps 100% K2 and i have no issue with P&D…

It’s very strange..i receive the error also if i try to update itself….

I’m going crazy mainly because i have to clone this application for the customer….

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Are you able to locate which sharepoint item is missing? maybe you can try check on HostServer Log file


When i try to complete the Mapping (manual, automatic fails immediately) i receive the error on all list/library...But the destination site was created using “site template” (source site)…

I supposed some issue with different list ID, but, i repeat, i have the same error trying to update the master application itself…

HostServerlog, no entries about this...sigh

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ok…,   not sure if this can help you to check further.

I checked no duplicated entries….

But, anyway, i don’t think there is no way to clone “K2 application for Sharepoin”??

That’s crazy...

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I believe you can clone it and should rerun K2 setup and configuration manager to fix the setting on the clone target



No no..i mean that i have to clone a K2 application no configuration/server…

I have Sharepoint site A with K2 app...i have to create a separated Sharepoint Site B with the same application (of course different database)

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Ic,, There is no way to do that.


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Eugenio_Z wrote:



To submit new idea


But, for you, why P&D fails also on itself??? (ex: update a solution)

Another strange thing…

P&D fails  with almost list/document library but not all….i checking differences but it seems to be OK everythings….