How to make a Workflow activity retry after going into error without the error profile page.

  • 24 October 2017
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I've been into the use of the K2 tool for a long while, but one of my utmost challenge is about how to build a workflow to identify a failed activity and retry itself automatically, without manually employing the service of the retry button on the Error Profile page.


Where I use K2 for Workflow implementation, there are always instances in which there is a network break, and the Workflow runs into error.


Is there a way to build exceptions into Workflows in K2 Studio, such that, when there is a Network Break, the activity in question at that time gives a Return value, that can be built into a line rule to retry the workflow?


I really need this to implement into all Activities for every workflow I build, so that the support Team gets to do less job, as they always have their hands full managing so many different Applications at the same time.


All possible Reply, Advice and Resolution will be warmly welcomed.



1 reply

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I don't think you can get the workflow to retry itself when you design the workflow. I have seen someone implemented a script using K2 API that runs at a set interval to check if there are any errors, and if there are errors, retry the workflow.