How create Custom Dashboard Reports[BAR Chart] in K2 Five

  • 2 August 2018
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I have created SQL table and then created service instance for that table and created smartobject and smartforms.

In the smartform i have a colums called "Column1".  And Column 1 having values called A , B , and C.

I want to create a Bar chart report for Column 1 counts.[X - Column 1 values , Y - Column 1 counts]


Please help how to do in K2 Five out of box way. If not possible in out of box please provide other ways.



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To create a bar chart based on data stored in SQL you can do the following in a list view.



  • You need to store the “Percentage Completed” data somewhere and manage the value somewhere.
    In my case, I have a SmartObject with a column “Task Percentage Completed” number. Whenever I assign a task to someone, the person can manually update the progress value to a number. Optionally, you could also automate the calculation of the completed value within your workflow.

UI Steps:

1. Add a Data Label into your page. In my case, I’m using a ListView. I added it as a new column.  Set the Data Label as a Literal